10 Ways to Reduce Your Office Carbon Footprint

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11 May 2022

10 Ways To Reduce Your Office Carbon Footprint

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Whether small, medium or large enterprises, companies are increasingly becoming aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. With the ever-increasing cost of electricity in South Africa, one of the most sustainable ways for a business to reduce overheads whilst at the same time promoting an eco-friendly ethos is for the business to implement a green plan and to take deliberate steps to reduce its carbon footprint.

Small changes made in adopting a greener work ethic, will not only result in substantial cost-saving but will allow the business to project an eco-friendly and therefore socially responsible image.

If the management team of a company aims to become more environmentally friendly and promote a greener image, there are several steps that can be taken to achieve this goal by reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

1. Switch To LED Lighting

Use natural lighting where possible and change all fixtures and bulbs to LED lighting which uses about 40% less energy than conventional halogen lighting. Sensor lights that switch on only when an office is occupied are a great green option.

2. Go Electronic And Paperless

Encourage all staff to store records and communications electronically. Only use paper and printer when essential. This not only reduces paper clutter and the amount of space needed to store documents but is also the environmentally friendly option.

3. Reduce Motorised Transport

Encourage staff members to cycle to work. A locker and cycle rack for those who choose this option will encourage fitness and will substantially reduce each cyclist’s carbon footprint. Install a shower, using a solar-powered geyser, if possible, to allow cyclists to freshen up for their business day. If cycling is not feasible for everyone, then promote and even incentivise carpooling or the use of public transport.

4. Use A Laptop

Laptops are not only portable, which allows for remote working without the need to travel, but they offer an approximately 80% power saving over desktops.

5. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Install separate bins for office waste to enable effortless recycling. Everything from paper to metal cans, to old computers. Try to purchase recycled goods such as ink cartridges and paper.

6. Raise Awareness

Include staff in the green vision of the company and offer initiatives to get buy-in to reduce their own carbon footprint.

7. Remote Meetings

Encourage familiarity and use of electronic meeting formats. This not only reduces the travel costs and carbon footprint but saves much travel time.

8. Consider Hybrid Vehicles

Big energy savings and carbon emission savings for hybrid company vehicles over conventional vehicles.

9. Rechargeable Batteries

Instead of single-use batteries used for everything from a mouse to a wall clock to remote controls, go for rechargeable options.

10. Install Water Filters

Consider reducing plastic waste and associated emissions by replacing water bottled in plastic with water filters. Just as healthy, but a far greener, and less costly option.

10 small changes that will have a big impact on our environment and your office’s carbon footprint. Why not give it a try?

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