How Do Tenants Find Commercial Property To Rent?

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28 Feb 2022

How Do Tenants Find Commercial Property To Rent?

1. Commercial Real Estate listing platforms

Tenants would do an internet search for information on commercial property available in areas they would want to relocate to. 5th Avenue Properties has various listings that might be worth checking out!

2. City Scouting

A tenant might drive around an area and take note of brokers/landlord boards that are advertising ‘space to lease’, however, this way is slowly being replaced by researching online.

3. Commercial Real Estate Agents

I believe the best way is to research and appoint a broker or broking company. Research the broker and see how many years of experience he or she has had in the real estate industry. A qualified broker should know which landlords’ portfolio is under pressure (can negotiate a softer deal) and which landlords are offering incentives. Try and make sure, as a tenant, that the broker is looking out for your best interests with regard to incentives, and not where the broker will be incentivised.

What should tenants consider when looking for commercial property?

When looking for a property, tenants should consider the following:

  • Location
  • Affordability
  • Parking
  • Physical structure – are you open plan or is the company office space very cellular?
  • Zoning – does it have the right use for your operation?


In summary, the top 3 ways that tenants find commercial property to rent is through online listing platforms, scouting the city/town for landlord/broker advertising boards or through a reputable commercial property broker.

Need Help With Finding Commercial Property To Rent?

Peter is the Commercial Leasing Director of 5th Avenue Properties and joined the team in June 2003 with over 20 years of experience in the Commercial Leasing market. Get in touch with him for all your commercial leasing needs.

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