Classifications P Grade Space A Grade Space B Grade Space
Definition Land mark quality, modern space which is a pace–setter in establishing rentals and provides good views/environment;   prestige lobby finish; on-site undercover parking; quality access to/from attractive street setting; premium presentation and maintenance. High quality modern finishes; air conditioning; adequate on-site  parking; market  rental near the top of the range in the area in which the building is located; a good quality lobby finish; quality access to/from an attractive street  environment; good safety/ security; and high quality presentation and maintenance. A reasonable standard of finishes maintained to good standards and/or refurbished and renovated from time to time; air conditioning or good ventilation; adequate parking available. The rentals are generally around the middle of the range for the area in which the building is located.
Specifications and technical  criteria 80-90% of these criteria should be satisfied across each category. 80-90% of these criteria should be satisfied across each category. 80-90% of these criteria should be satisfied across each category.
Technology and communication: Full central control UPS with flexible  points; vertical (high rise) and  horizontal communication  spaces sized for future  generations;  dedicated (or potential) individual patch rooms; a high capacity and flexible  telephone network system; a high spec and certified fibre optical backbone – fully ‘intelligent’ building; a CCTV  system incorporating Digital camera/recording, sensors (heat/ motion), event driven  (chip technology);  Access Control premised on hi-tech human security interface (retina, prints etc). Provision for individual UPS TI; vertical (high rise) and horizontal communication spaces with spare capacity above the average requirement;  patch rooms  available on every floor;  telephone network compatible  with high spec  system; cabling and network infrastructure premised on Cat5e std plus, plug  & play/internet  ready;  CCTV permitting large coverage  with multiple recording;  Online  Access control system with proximity readers, unique tags, and +6 access levels. Clean power with back-up generators only to critical areas; adequate communication spaces for current demand;  patch rooms adequately sized with some capacity;  basic 3×3 grid & sufficient cabling for telephone network flexibility;  cabling & network infrastructure  based on lower technology/ certified cat 5.2 RJ45’s point;  basic CCTV with a few coverage points and standard to low/or no recording capacity;  Access Control on 3-6 levels.
Services Security compromising high grade guards, armed, patrol dogs, multiple positions; maintenance services of the highest calibre. Security compromising graded guards at entry points, with patrols and a guard monitoring system; quality maintenance services. Qualified  security company appointed, low–mid grade guards at entry points, armed response; efficient maintenance services.
Amenities, Finishes & Quality Base finishes of the highest spec  and appearance;  fast, luxurious, and high-tech elevators; wide stairwells with luxurious  flooring  & finishes permitting natural light;  state of the art lobby & reception service;  general  floor plate permitting high degree of space planning flexibility; efficient natural light penetration;  state of the art HVA permitting a high degree of control & environmental  flexibility;  landscaping & greening incorporating pristine/rare & beautiful plants/wildlife/water features in a functional & integrated  design; may support amenities/services either available on site or as part of a functional complex; fully fitted kitchen/catering facilities for individual tenant use. High material spec, functional design base finishes;  fast elevators;  high spec stairwells;  lobby & reception of quality finishes/appearance & services;   general floor plate permitting design flexibility;  good balance between light and environmental control;  Central Environmental Control premised on typical building management system with quality split system incorporated; attractive and functional landscaping & greening or attractive building exteriors;  limited on site amenities  but close at hand and/in safe walking/driving  proximity; kitchen/catering  facilities available individually or on shared basis. Base finishes of functional/ pleasant design & compliant specifications;  comfortable elevators in working order;  stairwells permitting  comfortable & safe passage;  pleasant & functional central lobby/reception;  general floor plate allowing some flexibility; some/adequate natural lighting; Central Environmental Control based  on electro pneumatic system with limited flexibility; well-functioning  a/c units  and natural  ventilation permitted;  basic landscaping & greening.
Parking High ratio (+ 5/100m²) basement parking. Parking – Adequate parking on site- mostly shaded or covered. Adequate parking available on & off site – mostly open or shade cloth.
Age / Upgrading Generally less than 10 years old, well maintained and upgraded at intervals of around five years. Generally 10-30 years old and major renovation or upgrade after 15 years. Any age – adequately upgraded/ refurbished to modern standards.
Public Environment Street/foyer interface with visible security, pristine environment; additional public management initiative with visible benefits; direct involvement in improvement District/private services , with active implementation;  best visibility/ exposure in area;  vehicular access premised on clear , fast at all times, multiple ingress and egress points. Safe, attractive and clean street/ foyer interface;  surrounding public environment comprising good infrastructure; Improvement District / private services involvement or plans; good exposure and visibility;  vehicular access only occasionally hindered , locality has good access to freeways . Poor street/foyer interface and surrounding public environment; relatively poor exposure & access; general delays and hindrances for vehicular access and/or one access point.
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